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The creative process: lessons from David Lynch  

I'm thrilled about today's topic! 

This time, I am not discussing some intricate aspects of the music industry. I am focusing on a more important element: your creative process. 

Right now, we sometimes tend to concentrate more on our promotional activities rather than on our art in itself.

However, without a good creation, there's nothing to promote!  

All our promotional efforts, moreover, could also be quite a distraction from our creativity, especially when we work as independent artists, taking care of…

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Social Media: Opportunity or Distraction?  

Throughout the last decade, we experienced a major change in our everyday life: the appearance of social networks and smartphones. 


Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash


Right now, I realize I can't stay away from my phone for more than ten or fifteen minutes. There is a lot of my life in that device: the songs I'm writing, stuff about work and projects, books I'm reading and/or listening, apps to manage my money, and even an app to watch my period.  

I would be just fine if my phone usage was limited to…

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Secret EP II 

Last year, when my birthday approached, I recorded four unreleased songs in my home studio. Their raw, warm, imperfect sound wouldn't have fit the vast musical offer of the well-known digital platforms out there. It wasn't either "commercial" nor "competitive" music. But I liked those songs. They were very personal and they sincerely portrayed my hopes and struggles. It would have been a pity to keep them locked in one of the many digital drawers where I store my crazy experiments. 

So I said: "Let's think…

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I musicisti stanno male (?) 

Articolo originariamente pubblicato nel 2017 su Metrodora

Qualche giorno fa ho preso parte ad un sondaggio proposto da Michele Maraglino sulla condizione di musicista indipendente in Italia. Il questionario è stato compilato da 200 persone, un campione, se non larghissimo, direi comunque abbastanza rappresentativo. 

Come potete facilmente intuire dal titolo di questo post, i risultati non sono molto incoraggianti, ma la mia idea è arrivare alla fine di questo sermone con qualche soluzione in mano. 


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Canzoni in una stanza: Chains Of Gold 


In questo episodio vi canto canzoni ispirate da libri e letteratura. Vi parlo di Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, John Steinbeck, J.D. Salinger e Spoon River.

Qualcuno ha storto il naso mentre Bob Dylan, piuttosto riluttante, riceveva il premio Nobel per la Letteratura. 

I cantanti (sarebbe meglio chiamarli “cantautori”) non possono essere assimilabili alla categoria degli scrittori, evidentemente più meritevole di lodi. 

Eppure sono molti gli esempi di rockstar appassionate di letteratura, che…

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