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FAQs & Terms

Q: What is the Listeners' Club (LC)?

A: The LC is a virtual space, where I share exclusive content with my fans. My goal is to share part of my creative process with my listeners, making them a part of it.


Q: Who can join?

A: Anyone who likes my music!


Q: What do I get by joining?

A: I am preparing many different perks and gifts for LC subscribers.

Members will get:

- access to some exclusive content (such as "secret songs" and poems)

- access to monthly community hangouts

- access to A Song in the Day blog

- early access to official future releases

- a mention on the LC Wall of Fame

- a peek at my creative process and the opportunity to become a part of it, through previews, surveys, and community hangouts


Q: How much is it to join?

A: There are two options. A monthly subscription costs €15. A yearly subscription costs €150.


Q: What is the difference between a monthly and a yearly subscription?

A: Yearly subscribers get early access to the 12 songs and 12 poems I will share on a month-by-month basis with the other members. They can also book a free virtual concert (to be redeemed by February 2022).


Q: What are you going to do with our bucks?

A: The music industry has been struggling for years. Since the dawn of the Internet, the way artists produce music and make a living has radically changed. A lot of them showed some resistance to this change (even I did, in the past).

But, if we look closer at how this new way works, we'll understand what's behind it: the concept of community. The creation and the consumption of art are now, more than ever, a two-way road. A successful artist, today, is someone who can move in this new scenario.

I learned this lesson performing on Twitch and other online platforms, where the direct feedback from listeners is a chance to develop new ideas, create something new, and improve.

But the question everyone asks is: how can a musician make a living today? With concerts (whenever they will be allowed again)? With digital streaming platforms? With merch sales?

The reality is that small artists like me must count on their most loyal listeners, their community, to make a living.

The model the Listeners' Club took inspiration from is the direct "patronage" from fans. I followed the steps of other musicians and artists, such as Amanda Palmer, who reached real independence from the complicated and commercial mechanisms of the music industry through the support of their listeners, giving, in exchange, some exclusive content and actual participation to their creative process.

Your subscription to my Listeners' Club will represent, for me, a chance to make a living out of my music. A chance to spend my time (finally) writing and recording songs or performing, rather than looking for opportunities or contacts to be "discovered".

Meanwhile, it will give you some new music, that has no ambition to become popular, but that simply wants to be heard, with the right amount of attention. An alternative to the huge ocean of content we drown in day by day.


Q: How does it work?

A: The content I prepared for you will be published here on my website, while monthly hangouts will happen on my YouTube channel. In order to join the LC, head to my BuyMeACoffee page. After subscribing there, you will have access to members-only posts, where I'll share the links to the club's private pages.


Q: Do I need to create a profile on BuyMeACoffee to become a member?

A: Not really. You just need an email address and choose a payment method (either PayPal or a card). BuyMeACoffee will automatically create a supporter account for you. This will allow you to cancel your subscription, if you decided to do so, and access my members-only posts, but without wasting time building another profile on another platform!


Q: When will you charge me?

A: Please note that BuyMeACoffee will deal with the payment in its entirety, therefore make sure to familiarize yourself with their terms if you have any doubts (here's their supporter FAQs section). In a nutshell, you will be charged as soon as you become a member, on an automatic renewal basis. If you do not want to be charged again after your chosen subscription period (either a month or a year), you can cancel your subscription from your account.


Q: What if I change my mind or I don't like the content?

A: Remember you can cancel the automatic renewal at any time through your BuyMeACoffee account. If you have issues with that, just let me know and I'll cancel the auto-renewal for you. However, if you don't like the content I prepared for you and you immediately want to cancel your subscription, contact your bank or request a chargeback through PayPal (according to the payment method you chose). If the system doesn't accept the chargeback, don't worry! Feel free to contact me at my email address info@nicolestella.com to request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

In case of a conflict, it is also possible to use the Online Dispute Resolution tool handled by the European Commission.


Q: Is there anything else I need to know?

A: Not really! Just a little reminder of a few common-sense rules. First of all, please don't share the links nor the passwords to the club's private pages and avoid leaking any content I provide there. Secondarily, part of the LC experience is community-based. Make sure to be always respectful and kind to the other people who will take part in it. Thanks for your support and collaboration!

Want to find out more? Send me your question!

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