Away from usual ‘folk cliches’, the emerging new Italian talent Nicole Stella has released her new album ‘Something To Say’, a very nice collection of peaceful acoustic melodies, carried away by her clear and beautiful voice.”

Bustle Music

Nicole Stella, Something To Say, smile
It was nice to hear the way the classic rock feel combined with the folk stylings. No matter the style, the artist's voice was always the start of the show.”

Divide & Conquer Music

Nicole Stella, Canzoni Per Vivienne, Donna
Nicole Stella [...] delivers seven intense tracks, filled with acoustic sounds, a product of her multi-instrumentalist skills. Raw arrangements support the dramatic flair in each song. A beautiful, authentic, moving album: a slap and a caress at once.”

— Michele Neri, Vinile n.13 (May/June 2018) - English translation

[...] a cultured songwriter's album, filled with poetical beauty. ”

— Andrea Trevaini, Buscadero n. 418 (January 2019) - English translation

The beauty of this album lies in the minimalist arrangements that highlight Nicole's beautiful voice and the delicate poetry of the lyrics, perfect for an Italian audience, usually more interested in words than music.”

Filippo Bombonato, Space Stars - English translation

For the first time in years, I was moved by an album. It is bitter and tender at the same time and I felt as I was reading the last page of a beautiful book.”

Melania Mieli - English translation

While telling this story, Nicole talked about themes that go beyond it and that are quite contemporary: the condition of women, mental health issues, the importance of the Arts.”

Roberto Greco - English transaltion

Nicole Stella avoids any stereotype in the stylistic delicacy and sinuosity of the seven tracks [...], becoming part of an alternative and transverse generation of songwriters, thanks to the complex but apparently simple, essential arrangements too.”

Roberto Giannini - English translation