1. New Day

From the recording New Day

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New Day

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Daisy's playing some jazz.
A dizzy winter night fading to black.
Sensations of forgotten rhymes,
A gentle midnight lullaby.
Daisy's sure of dreaming,
But the trumpet plays real high.
She's just a lonely singer
Inside a lonely sigh.

Oh, but music's strong enough
To embrace the present and hold the past.
Daisy's just a lonely singer
In a dizzy, jazzy winter.
Cold winds blow and pianos play
Through morning sunrise and through the day.
When she first got to London town
The groove was good and never let her down.

Now Daisy's in love and she knows how to dance.
Her music softly flies to her chubby legs.
She's never been good at talking
But her heart's so good at dreaming.
He thinks she's pretty enough to have some fun,
She thinks he's good enough for a crush.