1. Plastic

From the recording Something To Say

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Imagine to sit at a very fancy dinner table, with people who try to discuss important matters without being really interested in them. Imagine the way they look at you, a wannabe artist who's more interested in writing good songs than acquiring a good position in society. Imagine to have a look at the posh silver cutlery and fine porcelain plate, just to find out they are actually made of plastic.
This was the inspiration for this song: a boring dinner party in a place I didn't belong.
It was a great chance to reflect on the society we live in, how fake it feels, and how dangerous it is for our own life and planet.


Monday night in the city.
New neighborhood,
This place's so good.

Flaming brand new costly cars
And decor jars,
Like they're from Mars.

Will you dare to look through
These hearts of glass?

"Crime rate increased overall,
But we won't know
'Cause we built a wall."

"Trains are close but we put a glass,
So we won't hear
The strangers pass."

"We like newcomers, but no here.
You know, this ain't their kind of street."

Silver spoons and silver talks,
"This ain't no good,
And that's unjust."

Silver glass and silver wine,
for silver brains
and silver pride.

Look closer now, this is fantastic:
but this spoon is made of plastic.

"Music, music, it's all so good.
So good to hear
You made it through."

"Your age is fine but what will you get?
It's time to think
About another plan."

A plan to earn what I will spend
In costly cars and costly brands.
My chance to lay on a plastic strand.