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  1. New In Town

From the recording New In Town


I stand by the river, lights are burning bright
Shining just like diamonds, blinding as sunlight.
People dragging by and the pressure's on:
To be socially accepted is a tedious chore.

I watch the river flow down, there's a bloody trail.
Its shiny red reminds me every past mistake.
Some roads are meant to bring you where the city's clean,
Some others I walk by can lead to pretty freaks (like me).

Watch me on a tightrope, no net underneath.
I'm not sorry to be different, if I can be free.
I might not fit your rules, I might let you down
But watch out: I'm the new girl in town.

I walk by your side, but you can't see me:
the colour of my eyes is the colour of the street.
I stand by the river just to kill some time.
Give yourself a try: come on and join my side.

Windows of egos fill the endless tide.
If you know you can shine why would you want to hide?
Hungry ghosts are calling, hungry ghosts that crawl.
While I sit here alone and watch the river flow.

Watch me on the sidewalk, no need to get in.
I know you cannot change, but you won't change me.
I might not fit your rules, I know I'll let you down,
but here I am: I'm the new girl in town.