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  1. Moon

From the recording Moon

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What would the Moon say to the Earth? I guess it would be a bit worried about the Earth's health.
This song was inspired by the Fridays for Future movement. It is about our environment and our beautiful planet.


Into this big wide blue,
I stare at stars and you,
You spin around and bloom
when every day is through.

And here I sit alone.
Your green once used to grow.
Where did your trees all go,
Planet Earth, do you know?

I've been waiting so long
For your humans to show
Show me some sweet, sweet love
By landing here above.

It's hard enough to be
The only satellite here.
Was glad to see that star ship,
it must have been a bold trip.

But tell me: how's your sea?
It was so blue and green.
And what's that island, so big?
Strange colors float and spin.

But now I'm scared as hell:
they took your lungs away.
They burnt the trees you had,
they sacrificed their breath.

And tell me: what they'll do
when all the world they knew
will scramble at their feet?
I hope they won't get here.