1. Lazy

From the recording Lazy

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Mama, papa, oh don't call me "mad":
I was born with a suitcase in my hand,
A guitar on my back, a lonesome hollow track
Made of tears, of fun, and no cash.
I know I'm outdated, I know I am crazy
'cause no dollar bill can make me less lazy.

I'm happy to dig, I'm happy to sing
I get bored with the answers these people may bring.
I know I can get greedy, tired and blue
But that's ok, honey, you'll feel that too.
I know I'm outdated, I know I am crazy,
I still got no answer and that makes me lazy.

I get by as I can, I just play some guitar.
The color of my ceiling is the color of the stars.
Ain't looking for a job, ain't looking for a home
Just waiting for my train and I'll be long, long gone.
I know I'm outdated, I know I am crazy:
your love's the only thing that won't make me lazy.

You guys are the winners, this I won't deny
I'm just sorry to say I'll take the losers' side.
Ain't looking for approval, no blessing on my head,
But at least my little soul won't drop down dead.
I know I'm outdated, I know I am crazy:
my music won't get tired of being so freaking lazy.